About Us

Where did the idea to make a Geyser heater come from?

Our workers boiled water on their two-plate stoves every day to bathe with. We realized we had to think of an alternative because it skyrocketed our electricity bill. The first donkey was built, but over time improvements were made until we were satisfied with the result. We were so impressed with their hot water system that we also built one for our house. We installed it in parallel with our electric geyser so we could use it during load shedding as well. There we realized that the Geyser heater was born. We decided to test it and use only the Geyser Heater for a full month. Great was our surprise at how much electricity we saved.

Our workers were just as impressed with the Geyser heater and asked if we could manufacture more of them so they could install it at their own homes as well.

We also installed a Geyser Heater in KZN at our home that already has a solar geyser, but if it has been raining for days on end or just cloudy itself, we still have a problem with hot water. Now this problem is a thing of the past.

Who would have thought that in today’s days we would have to heat the water again without the use of electricity? With a Geyser Heater, you can now even make it without gas or paraffin. With a Geyser Heater, you only need a few pieces of dry wood.

We are sure it can be a great asset for any person or place that needs hot water. It can also be used for low-cost housing, on farms, building sites, holiday homes, smallholdings, hunting lodges and more.